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"Access The World And Write Your Way To $$$"
(c) 2010 by Mona Leeson Vanek

Welcome! Designed to study at the pace you set for yourself, twenty one Chapters plus the Advice From The Pros provided by professionals to encourage you to develop your own goals, and the websites, were selected from the best of the best, to help you learn rapidly.

156 chapter topics (alphabetical index):

71 Advice From The Pros (alphabetical index):

Chapters and advice from professional writers contain links that guide you to expert online help to becoming a successful professional writer.

By studying what you need -- when you need it -- you'll achieve your writing goals in record time. Use the indexes to quickly locate free online writing resources.

Don't expect to visit all of the online sites in this course.

The field of writing is vast! It embodies many specialties. This material will lead you to some, but by no means to all, fields of writing. My goal is to help you find the information to help your reach your writing goals. Your responsibility is to study and learn until you achieve your goals.

Read the Content Index and note what interests you. If you wish, click pertinent URLs to bookmark for study later.

The exercises are guidelines to prompt you, and are not meant to be submitted to me. However, if you e-mail me your question, I'll help if I can.

Feel free to save the contents in your computer or on CD, and to print any or all posts for your own use, and please respect all copyrights.

I love hearing about your progress, and getting feedback that lets me know something more could be added to the course.

Because mastering articles is one step that brings a writer closer to writing books, the material focuses most heavily on publishing non-fiction. However, published fiction, as well as published articles builds your reputation and increases your chances of attracting book publishers, or successfully marketing your self-published e-books.

One of the best ways to learn and grow as a writer is to join Internet Writing Workshop:

Access the blogspot here,, and check the Internet Resources link here,

IWW membership is free. Requirements are simple, straight forward, and adaptable to your schedule. Membership participation networks you with writers in a variety of genres, affords free critiques of your writing, and gives you the opportunity to help and encourage other writers.

REQUEST: If links no longer work, please let me know right away. I'll try to find alternative resources.

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